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X-ray Imaging

Radiographs (X-rays) are generally used as a diagnostic tool. More than looking for broken bones, they help to  diagnose medical problems of multiple organ systems. Radiographs also are used to monitor the status and progression of various diseases and conditions.

Lynn Animal Hospital is happy to provide digital x-rays as part of it's radiology services. Digital x-rays are faster, easier and require fewer retakes than traditional film x-rays with chemical processing. All of these things will reduce the stress on owners and their pets, and are kinder and gentler to the environment.

We also offer dental radiography to help manage your pet's dental health. A full mouth series of x-rays is standard on every dental patient to help evaluate each and every tooth in your furry friend's mouth.

A modern day convenience of digital radiology is that the images obtained can be sent via internet to owners, specialist and other hospitals at the click of a button, thus unifying patient care and eliminating owner time required to transport traditional x-ray film from hospital to hospital.

           Tortoise with Eggs                                                    Broken Leg

Bird Swallowed Fishhook                                       

               Prairie Dog Teeth


Diagnostic ultrasound, also called sonography or diagnostic medical sonography, is an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body. Using a small hand held wand (transducer), harmless sound waves are aimed towards the organ to be observed. These sound waves bounce back and are recorded and processed by the computer to produce visible images that can be assessed, measured, and compared to other normal structures to determine if there is any disease processed that may need to  be investigated further.

Lynn Animal Hospital has paired up with Oncura Partners to bring our patients the latest in ultrasound technology and access to board certified radiologists from around the country. Several staff members have been extensively trained to obtain diagnostic quality images that are then sent instantly via the internet to radiologists across the US for expert interpretation. Our partnership with Oncura Partners allows us access to professional sonographers that can dial into our ultrasound machine and view the patient by webcam. They have the ability to guide and advise us on obtaining hard to image areas so that the radiologist has the best diagnostic information possible. This makes sure that you are getting the best quality ultrasound with the convenience of being right in the practice you trust, Lynn Animal Hospital.

Complete abdominal ultrasounds are often preformed under sedation and images and videos are obtained of all the organs in your furry friend's belly.

Endoscopy and Rhinoscopy

Lynn Animal Hospital offers services with a state of the art video endoscopy for use in imaging the inside of the gastrointestinal tract, the trachea and nasal cavities. A small hose-like fiber-optic cable is inserted in GI tract and the doctors can visualize and assess disease processes from the inside. The endoscope provides one way of reducing the need for surgical intervention by being able to obtain small samples from the inside of the intestinal tract or nasal cavity and removing foreign objects that are sitting in the esophagus and stomach.