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Without our staff it would be impossible for anything to be accomplished. They manage to keep their cool in some of the most emotionally charged times in many owner's lives. They keep everything flowing in the right direction, act as traffic cops in the waiting room, and keep the doctors from getting buried under piles of paperwork, phone messages and lab results. There are days that they have more stress than the average air traffic controller.

Here are the people that smile when they see you and your pets, answer the phone with glee, and try to make your experience the best it can be.

Practice Manager

Stephanie Becker - Tech, Administrator, Web Master, Customer Relations.

Full-Time Customer Service Representatives

Cassandra Owens - Reception Manager

Crystal Ware - Cashier Desk

Full-Time Veterinary Assistants

Gael Baker - Shift Manager

Alyssa Carman - Shift Manager

Drennon Hyde

Jason Garnett

Tabula Blount

Part-Time Customer Service Representatives

Olivia Bodden - Reception Desk

AJ Proctor - Reception Desk

Kasey DeMent - Cashier Desk

Damaris Funes - Cashier Desk

Part-Time Veterinary Assistants

Erin Tinker

Rebecca Ewel

Kianna White